The Sporting Events with the Biggest Betting Volume
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The Sporting Events with the Biggest Betting Volume

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Sports gambling is enormous global business, and from’large’ we imply astronomical! The estimated revenue for the sports is between $700 billion and $1 trillion a year. In 2017, a record-breaking $4.68 billion was wagered in Nevada sportsbooks alone!
What is everyone betting on? Which events take the bucks in the realm of sport? Wediscover exactly how much money is wagered and’ll have a look.
The FIFA World Cup
Football (soccer) is the world’s most popular game, and it makes sense that it pulls in the most cash. Every year, it is projected that soccer makes up 70% of their above-listed $1 trillion!
The FIFA World Cup is the tournament in the football calendar, occurring every four decades. Despite a runtime of one month, the World Cup supplies an enormous quantity of opportunities.
The competition kicks off with 210 countries participating in the qualifying rounds, then fighting it out through distinct phases to produce the final 32. Bettors from around the world can place wagers every step of the way. It’s estimated to be more than $260 million Even though there aren’t some official figures as to how much is bet worldwide throughout the entire tournament.
The Super Bowl
The National Football League is still king, if we concentrate on the landscape. Bets on the NFL make up nearly half of all sports bets placed, together with the Super Bowl being the single most popular event.
The 2018 Super Bowl LII, which saw the Eagles stick into the Patriots, earned a record-breaking $158.6 million worth of wagers in Nevada sportsbooks. This shocking figure broke the list of $138.5 million wagered during the Super Bowl LI the preceding year.
Obviously, these are just the official (legal) figures. Based on estimates made by the American Gaming Association, the authentic total wagered was probably in the area of $4.76 billion.

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